Catch all oranges. The game will over if number of oranges on the screen will be more than 10. Enjoy!

Try demo on Google Play


  • LibGDX framework used
  • Hillmix Game Map Editor used
  • AdMob Banner integrated
  • AdMob Interstitial integrated
  • Google Play Games Leaderboard integrated
  • Clear graphics
  • Optimized for tablets
  • Background music and sounds

How to Setup and Reskin

  • Install Java Platform (JDK)
  • Install Eclipse Luna or later
  • Install ADT Plugin for Eclipse
  • Install Gradle for Eclipse
  • Import project into Eclipse as Gradle Project
  • Add dependency on the google-play-services library
  • Set Up Google Play Games Services
  • Change Package ID
  • Change icons, graphics and sounds
  • Change App Name, AdMob ID, Google Play Games App ID and Leaderboard ID
  • Build an APK file


Background music: “One Fine Day” (