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Snow Trace

Get all snowy now with just a couple of clicks! Draw your ideal path and hit play, the action will make a beautiful snowy scene based on your special path! And in only a few seconds.
This action has been tested and worked on Adobe Photoshop CS3+ .
This action has been tested on any kind of pictures and didn’t have any problems or errors.


If however you had any problems with the action, Put them in the comments and I will surely reply in 48 hours max.

Well-Organized Layers and Groups

When the action’s done, you’ll have labeled and organized layers to play with. You can remove or change any of them or add more of them if you want.

One click = Hundreds Saved

This action does Hundreds of actions with your single click to make the awesome results.
So surely it saves HOURS of you working on a SINGLE project.

The pictures used in the image preview are not included in the downloaded file.

Photos by Marcus Ranum .