Octopus is a rapid website admin panel. It allows you to turn a MySQL database into a beautiful and user-friendly online application.

Octopus IS NOT a script like phpmyadmin. You CANNOT execute any sql commands in it. Octopus also not a PHP class.

Developers who developing unique websites with unique databases.It’s live and fast. Save your time with Octopus.

System powered by AdminLTE v2.3.0 and ezSQL.

Demo Area SuperUser Login :
username : superuser
password : 123321

Demo Area Normal User Login :
username : normaluser
password : 123321

With Octopus you can create a website admin panel in 20 minutes!

– Supported all column types

– Supported all linked fields

– Supporetd all file types

– Supported tag input

– Supported date,datetime,time,year seperately

– Supported masked fields

– Supported slug generation automaticly

– Supported crypt formats like md5,sha1,md5(sha1()),sha1(md5) etc.

– Supported easily addition of function to a field